what is covered in basic support of amibrokerLiveData

At AmibrokerliveData.com we are here to give you the best user experience while you are using our services. However everything is not covered in basic supports.

(1 Month / 3 Months / 6 Months) Package

if you know how to use amibroker software and know-how to do basic troubleshooting in amibroker. You can take any Package from 1 month to 6 months. we can connect to your machine if data is not updating in AmibrokerLiveData exe or in Amibroker. Rest all usage you have to manage yourself.

1 Year Package

All annual / yearly subscribers get priority support about all the basic queries of amibroker.

We can teach you basic troubleshooting of amibroker via Text / Videos / Articles and via Teamviewer or Anydesk.

However yearly support also doesn’t include taking the machine on the remote control via TeamViewer or Ammyy Admin all the time and fixing everything.

Extended Support ( Rs 10,000 Per Year)

Many client need spoon-feeding they want everything to be done on their machine via remote control. such People can Pay Rs 10,000 / Year Extra and get most tasks done by our support team.

Excluded from all the Supports

None of our packages include Fixing amibroker AFL code for errors, Amibroker License Error which may come if you were using a crack version of Amibroker and caught by amibroker.com while doing so.


Amibroker is a great tool for Technical analysis. If you want to make a living in stocks market and want to be a successful trader. Better buy license from amibroker.com

Free Trial for Amibroker Live Data

If you are looking for Trial of Amibroker Data Feed. go to https://www.amibrokerlivedata.com and Download and install Setup

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