Pricing for Amifeeder. Amibroker Live Data

→ No limit on Symbols. Add as much as you want.
→ All Feeds included (Cash, Future, Index weekly and monthly Options, Commodity, Currency) .
→ More than 900 Symbols covered
→ We offer low price data with best support. Pay less and earn more. Focus on trading not finding data feed for amibroker
→Get 1 Year (365 Days) Backfill when you buy amibroker Data feed License
EOD Data Details. Offering Fastest EOD Backfill. Currency EOD Data now Available

Addon : Sensex and Bankex Options Rs 200 monthly
Addon : Crudeoil and NaturalGas Options Rs 200 monthly

RT Data

Rs 440
Per month
  • Rs 4700 /1 Year

  • Rs 12900 /3 Years

RT + EOD Data

Per month
  • Rs 5000 /1 Year

  • Rs 14000 /3 Years

Buy Sell Signals

Free with
1 Year Data
  • 1 AFL in Rs 2000

  • 4 AFL in Rs 7000

Cash Segment have 350+ Symbols. All Future stocks of current month. Nifty and BankNifty Future for next month. Commodity Current and Next month contracts. First and second month contracts in Currency. Nifty and BankNifty weekly and Monthly Options Available. Fast Backfill of 365 Days with Licensed version of AmibrokerLiveData Data software. Largest backfill by any other data provider. 365 Historical data helps in doing back testing before you start trading live. Back testing is highly recommended for traders willing to make money in stock market