AmiFeeder: AmibrokerLiveData Setup Download

RT Setup 1

RT Setup 2

Installing AmiFeeder

Please follow the simple steps to install AmiFeeder in your computer.

Uninstalling Ami Feeder

Need to un-install AmiFeeder from your pc. Follow the step by step procedure here

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Amibroker Setup

Looking for the setup of Amibroker. Download Amibroker 5.7 Trial setup

Dot Net 4.0 (Direct Link)

Download Microsoft Dotnet 4.0 from above link.

Dot Net 4.5 (Direct Link)

Download Microsoft Dotnet 4.5 from above link.

Download Remote Support Software

We offer cheap datafeed for Amibroker. If you are looking for real time data feed for amibroker. You can download and install the setup from our website's download page. After installing the AmiBroker datafeed if you are facing any problem using our software. Don't worry we will help via teamviewer or anyDesk.